The idea of MAW take its roots from a simple observation: it exists within the principality various actors, dynamic and active throughout the year, who participate in the cultural landscape of Monaco. The Principality of Monaco, although small, does not offer an “area of galleries” strictly speaking, since they are spread over different areas. It is therefore not always easy to go from one to the other. Through the MAW, we wanted to promote this local art scene, by creating an event at a key moment in the calendar, in order to contribute to the cultural influence of Monaco and to facilitate access to its cultural actors.

An artistic offer,
rich and varied

The MAW has the particularity of covering all the periods within the history of art. Indeed, auction houses and galleries of ancient, modern or contemporary art are united within the MAW. Gathered around the same criteria: that of quality, each participant prepares for the occasion a special exhibition , in order to highlight his discipline, his artists and his history.

Facilitate access
to cultural offers

Create a sense of community

One of the founding motivations of the MAW is to go beyond the commercial connotation of an art week and to register as a strong artistic event, focused on cultural mediation. Each edition of the MAW is accompanied by a conference on a current topic related to the world of art, bringing together internationally renowned speakers.

Promote the local art scene
at a key point in the calendar

The MAW is part of a key moment in the Principality’s calendar, in full artistic emulation. when the Grimaldi Forum then hosts the fair of modern and contemporary art artmonte-carlo. The MAW thus completes this offer, highlighting a varied artistic landscape and quality programming, supported by members who are particularly active in the Principality.