Located in the heart of the Principality of Monaco, at the prestigious address of the luxury Fairmont Hotel, near the legendary Monte Carlo Casino, Teos Art Gallery was born from the entrepreneurial and passionate spirit for the art world of the Italian art expert and
gallery director Gianluca Gaudio, also known to the public for TV Programs for the sale and promotion of works of art.

With a broad and comprehensive approach to contemporary art, Teos Gallery is reshaping the artistic and luxury scenery of the Principality of Monaco. The remarkable activities in the art sector, including gallery management and consultancy, have made of its founder a true witness in the world panorama of contemporary art collecting. Teos Art Gallery is followed by art lovers, collectors from all over the world and a mundane and glamorous audience that only the Monegasque capital can offer. The Gallery is devoted to an exquisite rich selection of internationally renowned and emerging contemporary artists from different artistic movements.

Fairmont Hotel, 12 Avenue des Spélugues
98000 Monaco
tel. +377 93 50 60 90

EXHIBITIONAxel Crieger2 July – 2 August

Teos Gallery presents a solo exhibition by the German artist-photographer Axel Crieger,
whose photo montages are inspired by celebrities and the luxury goods industry.

Axel Crieger has worked as a photographer, director and designer for international clients in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London and Milan. He met with Andy Warhol and got published in Interview Magazine. In 1980, Joseph Beuys painted over one of his exhibits and declared it Best Of The Show. Axel Crieger moved to New York and later to Los Angeles and created new photographies and digital techniques.

His Digital Paintings are composed of a variety of photographies quotes, designs, drawings and special effects to create photography images, which have never been photographed. His works are not only technical, but emanate elegance, sensibility and a subtle irony. They have found empty nails on walls, dedicated collectors and flabbergasted critics and journalists around the world as well as Celebrities, Politicians, Rockstars, Athletes and prominent Collections.