Young Collectible Contemporary

G & M Design
11 Av. Princesse Grace
98000 Monaco
tel. +377 99 90 90 61


Innocence and Experience, Sex and Violence, Lovers and Fighters, Life and Death, lurk magically in these multi-layered and opulent paintings… as well as, A place in the Universe a series of works addressing the natural world, once commissioned to do a vertical section of the Amazon, in a vintage Botanical style – seen from the bottom of a river up through the jungle and out through the forest canopy into the sky, showing all the different creatures in this ascent from bottom to top – imminent extinction to most species – always making variations on this idea … from sketches to more complex vertical compositions, one is currently in progress.

Bricusse’s work is Technically comprised of line (graphite, oil pastel and wax), airbrush (acrylic ink), oil paint, glazes (French enamel), powdered metals and a selection « ageing and cracking » varnishes, all to varying ‘alchemical’ degrees and material combinations. Some pieces are simple, using few materials, some a symphony of many… it is the subject matter that defines the materials, form and technique.