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EXHIBITIONDavid Bailey, Mixed Moments19 April - 8 June

An exhibition of iconic David Bailey image making. Old and new. Familiar and unknown. Different mediums. Mixed moments.

David Bailey is a photographer, filmmaker,painter and sculptor, one of the major figures on the contemporary art scene. He is mainly know for his magnificent photographs of women - icons and muses - and for his depiction of the stars of the swinging London of the sixties and seventies, as well as his groundbreaking stories in Vogue and his part in inspiring Antonioni's "Blow Up", a feature film based on his life. David Bailey breaks rules. He hates fuss, is a natural-born on his life.
His favorite subject-matter tells us something about where he comes from : he likes outsiders. Papuans of New Guinea, Brazilian prostitutes, Vietnamese boat people.
Never in a rut, never satisfied, always hungry for new experience, countering the trap fashion lays those who belong to it.