Galeries Bartoux are managed by Isabelle, Robert, Alexandre and Charles Bartoux and include thirteen galleries located in France, in the United States, the United Kingdom and Singapore.
The first ones were created in cities whose history is associated with painting ; Honfleur in 1993 and Saint Paul de Vence in 1995. Soon followed by Megeve and Courchevel and then the entry to the heart of the international art market, Paris in 2003, New York City in 2007, Singapore and London in 2015 and Monaco in 2018.
The concept is to interact with the public by raising its awareness and sensitivity to art whilst providing a window to new and exciting cultural values. The galleries are open spaces for both collectors and admirers. It is a place of exchanges and encounters with other cultures. All creative, genius artists are welcome and have their places in our galleries. Last summer, two new spaces were created : Galerie Bartoux Matignon in Paris and Galerie Bartoux Monaco.
Galerie Bartoux Monaco is one of the group's main display window of Galeries Bartoux Group remains their thirteen art galleries exhibiting some sixty renowned painters and sculptors at prestigious addresses.

13 avenue des Spélugues
98000 Monaco
tel. +377 93 30 05 50

EXHIBITIONGaleries Bartoux initiative April 24th - July 30th

Galeries Bartoux’s saga is a real family history. From the beginning, art is part of the genetic code of the family. The father, Roger-André Bartoux, owned an art publishing house.

Robert Bartoux opens with his wife and his brother Jean-Guy, the first Galerie Bartoux at Honfleur in 1993. The second gallery opens in 1995 in Saint-Paul de Vence, and is quickly followed by galleries in Megève, Courchevel, Cannes, then Paris in 2003. The Champs-Elysées allow them to approach another clientele, more international. Galeries Bartoux affirm their style : to propose at the same time, great masters, confirmed artists and emerging artists. A vision they wish to expand internationally : a first gallery opens in New York in 2008, then in Singapore in 2014, and London in 2015.

With an unconditional love of artists, painters, sculptors, photographers ... and a perfect knowledge of the artistic world of yesterday and today, the Bartoux family wishes that art can abolish differences, and bring down prejudices. Galeries Bartoux aims to bring its customers culture, diversity, but also dreams. In Robert Bartoux’s eyes, the notion of pleasure is inseparable from that of art. That's why he assumes all his artistic choices.

Robert Bartoux stresses the importance of not being locked in a style, in a color : for him, art is a perpetual renewal. This is why, within Galeries Bartoux, the generational context seems to him primordial : not to isolate himself in his certainties and convictions, it is for him vital to benefit from the new and necessarily younger eye of his nephews (Alexandre, Charles, Nicolas and Pierre-Olivier) and his daughter (Laura). The fact of not having the same vision of the world is a strength, a guarantee of openness to new artists, new trends.

The Galerie Bartoux Monaco inaugurated last summer is the group's "Master Gallery". Rare and unique works by contemporary artists of talent and those of the greatest masters pieces are exhibited. This gallery is intended to be representative of the Monegasque principality ... more intimate, more elitist and more upmarket.