Since 1990, the Retelet Gallery offers masterpieces of Modern and Contemporary Art to art lovers and collectors. Formerly located in Saint-Paul de Vence and Brussels, the Retelet Gallery selects the works of the great names of History of Art primarily for their quality and their provenance. It is because the exhibited works are chosen with care and expertise that the Gallery has been able to satisfy a demanding clientele throughout the years. In April 2018, Galerie Retelet is pleased to announce its opening with a new space in Monaco during Monaco Art Week.

7 Boulevard des Moulins
98000 Monaco
tel. +377 99 90 84 00

EXHIBITIONAmerican Abstraction:
A Postmodern vision of Abstract Expressionism

For its opening, Galerie Retelet gathers three emblematic figures of the American Abstraction: Sam Francis, Frank Stella and Peter Halley. These three artists, influenced by abstract expressionism, have emancipated themselves from this movement and give us a new vision of Contemporary American Abstraction.

Sam Francis develops in his works a new aesthetic of color through abstract shapes that he places on the canvas to reveal the background: place of infinity. This background gives an intense depth to his works and lets the shapes expressing themselves.

Frank Stella explores the boundary between painting and sculpture. He makes abstract collages based on narrative references, such as Had Gadya series inspired by illustrations from the Jewish song, or the series The Waves, which refers to the novel Moby Dick.

Peter Halley also proposes works of a new kind. Inspired by New York's geometric urbanism, the social structures that govern our society today as well as the digital era in which we live in, he presents highly geometric abstract works related to a fragmented world.

Through this exhibition, these three artists will demonstrate how they managed to propose, each in their own way, another way to Clement Greenberg's modernist vision and participate in the renewal of American Abstract movement.