Kamil Art Gallery showcases a large collection of contemporary art, and remains committed to supporting the work of young, emerging artists worldwide. Owned by the architect and interior designer Kamil, the gallery combines cutting-edge design with new and well-known art piece from artists. In nearly 30 years, Kamil has supported many artists from l’Ecole de Nice (Sosno, Le Malin, Klein, Arman ...) and highlighted the Spanish Sabala, F.M.G and Serrano.

3 Av. Princesse Grace
98000 Monaco
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Monte Verità. This “hill of truth” nestled in a Swiss canton has been an object of fascination for many since the end of the 19th century, when a group of young idealists chose it as a cradle for their utopia. Disillusioned by the failures of modernity, artists and thinkers gathered there, seeking a different truth, a truer truth. However, Eric Massholder’s series Monte Verità reveals a somewhat more ambiguous landscape than its utopian alter ego. Dark hues, bold colours and a muted eeriness combine to form a complex universe, ominously evocative of hope and fear in the face of a world in crisis. Between surface and depth, matter and spirituality, destruction and construction, we are encouraged to roam on every hillside of this hill of truth.